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Kismet City Limits 4/4/09

I think today's page unambiguously answers the question: "Is there any space-opera cliché I am too shameless to use?" (Answer: No.)

Ma'at page 10Collapse )

Since I'm now between stories, KCL is going to take a break for now; I'm undecided about which story to do next, and I'd like to concentrate on Sun-Cutter and fiction writing while I figure it out.

Kismet City Limits 3/7/09

*cough* should've been posted yesterday *cough*

Ma'at page 6Collapse )

Sun-Cutter: moving right along

Kismet: Sun-Cutter now has its own page on Webcomicsnation, with a placeholder image that's part of one of the pages I was working on today. (That's a picture of Tertia, FYI. Most of the cities on the planet are down on the surface, but not all of them.)

I've picked June 1 as a somewhat arbitrary start date for the comic. It's a Monday, which seems like a good day for a debut, and it gives me time to work on a page backlog. So far, I'm really delighted with how the art is coming along -- I may post a few panels here as a sneak preview. :)

I am tentatively guessing that the full graphic novel will be about 150 pages or so, though I seem to estimate short and write long, so there could be a whole lot more of it.
I am going to drop down to a once-a-week schedule with "Kismet City Limits" -- I'm going to skip this Wednesday's page and post on Saturdays only. This is because I'm picking up Sun-Cutter again, and I want to get to the point where I can start posting it. Apparently, I seem to need a deadline hanging over my head or I never finish anything, so my plan is to get a small backlog of Sun-Cutter pages and then start to post them. I'm going to see how the first couple of pages go, and how well I can mesh this with my fiction writing, my freelance and my real-life activities -- and then I will announce a start date. :D

So, long story short: No KCL page tomorrow, but there will be one on Saturday.